Barcelona is a great box of surprises. Really, you never can imagine all a such of things that you can do in this city where Gaudí  and Picasso made of their lives, a huge monument about beauty and miracle that means the existence and art.

Barcelona is absolutly magical and a dreamed place.

Can you believe this? Come with us and check it out!

1. Love challenges?

A room escape is the answer. In every corner of Barcelona, you can found this type of entertaiment. With friends, family or couple, you can enjoy a great time playing and thinking in this challenges, where by the way you can choose between differents themes and profilings, since issues concern to the history of Gaudi until misterious mazes when the principal needed quality to win is a supicious cleverness. I’snt sound super fun? Proof it!

2.See Barcelona since other perspective:

If you frustrated dream has been that one to talk about astronauts and know the dark side of the moon, maybe this plan can complete your broken feelings. In the proximities of Barcelona, more exactly, 40 minuts to Barcelona, you will raise in the beautiful and blue sky that caracterist Cataluña in aerostatic balloon… Is a romantic plan, also a familiar plan, so doesn’t exist excusses for not go there, beyond the limits of the land.

3.Bike tour in Barcelona:

Electric bike tour, like the offer in a excellent shop like Rivera Bike has been the great way to many tourist get know many beauty facets of Barcelona. Some of them tours, is possible make them in Barceloneta, El Barrio Gótico and las Ramblas. Exist many friendly rental bike in the city, so go to write in your things to do this amazing activity and go to road the best places in her.

4. To the more cult people:

For those more interested in a culture issues, the museum Egipci de Barcelona brings the possibility to the tourist to know this ancient culture, not just pieces of the old egypt but also by means of tastes about the that period. Sounds a little amazing… no?



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