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Client responsibility

The client is responsible for the rental equipment, from the time the equipement is rented until the time it is returned, including damage and theft of rental equipment. If the bicycle is lost or damage, the renter must pay the value of the bicycle (250€) or the repair.

Client Deposit

The client is required to present a valid embossed numbered crédito card which we will make an imprint, or valid oficial document, or 250€ in cash. The deposit will be returned at the end of the contrac anwhent the bicycle(s) has been returned in perfect conditions.

Theft insurance

If the client wishes to pay for an insurance (3€/Day), the deposit will be 100€, Clients whith insurance must present an official police report in case of theft. If the client has lost any of the keys, she/he must pay the replacement value of 10€/Key.

How to secure bikes?

The client must lock the bicycle properly whith the suply locks onto the poleo of a public bike parking (see illustration), or a post. It is recommend to store the bicycle inside your accommodation overnight.

What are the risks?

The client accepts all riks associated whith the use of a bicycle. Rivera can not be hold responsible for injures or demage to third parties. Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Barcelona, Spain. This contrac shall be governed by Spanish law.

Municipal regulation for cyclists in Barcelona

Ride carefully respect traffics rules. Whenever you can, use cycle lanes or ride on the right stree lane, nearest to the pavement. If this is for buses or taxis,, ride in the next one. You can occupy the middle of it. Whenever cycling in areas reserved for pedestrians, give way to them at all times and adapt your speed, without exceeding 10km/h.

What if something happen?

The client must inform us by phone or in person in case she/he will return the bicycles(s) later or if the equipment is damaged or not working properly.

What is the price for a guided tour?

Price of the guided tour is 20 euros per person on a minimun group of 5, but we have private tour for a single person from 100€, 2 persons for 50€/each person, 3 persons 33,33€/each person, 4 persons for 25€/each person and 5 or more persons 20€/person.

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What is included in the tour?

Price inludes the rental of the bike (basket, lock and baby’s seat included).

Can I book a tour for now?


  • Each tour should be reserved 24 hours before the start of the tour.
  • After reserving and confirming the tour, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

How much time the tour last? and when it starts?

  • The tour lasts for approximately 2,5 hours.
  • The available start times for the tour are 11.00 and 14.00.
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Useful information

We in Rivera Bike Rental have set the best terms possible for bicycle rental in Barcelona ideal for anyone visiting our city. To discover or rediscover what the city of Gaudí has to offer, there is no better way to discover the streets of this city than on the back of a bicycle that we offer you. We offer bicycles with different characteristics, out of which you may choose the one you would prefer, providing you in all cases a helmet for your security and a lock for you to be able to park the bike. We also have seats available for babies without extra charge.

We have taken good care to be able to provide a service for renting bikes in Barcelona that is attractive for its simplicity, without deposits or formalities, but at the same time convinces our customers with the prices that we manage. We have flexible fees which permit the rental to take place for a period of a few hours, several days or for a complete week. Whether you want to just pedal a few hours in the or to have a vehicle easily available during your time of vacation whenever you want to move around, we have the options that certainly are suitable for you.

Rivera Bike Rental Offers you guided tours to the most popular tourist attractions in Barcelona with the best prices. Make a tour around Barcelona and get to know the city in the best way that we know – on a bike!

The guided tour consists of visiting 14 most fascinating attractions in Barcelona with a local guide. The tour is available in English or Spanish and is 10 km of length with the approximate duration of 2,5 hours.

For any further information you can contact us by sending e-mail to or use our NEW CHAT ONLINE